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October 30th, 2151. Devil’s Night. Traditionally a celebration of havoc, the night before Halloween has long been dedicated to spray paint and fire, to destruction for its own sake. The impulse behind this frenzied holiday is alive and well in the 22nd century, but mischief in the Age of Nanotech is complicated. For young vandals Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer, visionary tactics may not be enough. To keep the spirit of their egg-throwing forebearers alight, perilous alchemy is required. Unleashing such power will bring enemies, and open an abyss that could swallow its makers whole...

Andy Dudak is a published illustrator, experienced in the realms of science fiction and fantasy. He's also worked as a storyboardist, caricature artist, cameraman, and screenplay analyst. He currently lives in China.

Written and illustrated by ANDY DUDAK    PREVIEW PAGES

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