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Transfuzion is a collaborative entity created by Gary Reed and Rafael Nieves.  Gary and Rafael have extensive experience in the comics field, both with writing comics and in the field of publishing. Gary was the publisher of Caliber Comics, a publishing house that released over 1,300 comics in the 1990's. He also was publisher of Stabur Press which published books for specialty markets and the bookstore market. In addition, he was the vice-president of McFarlane Toys when that company launched its line of toys based on Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Rafael was involved in Comico and was one of the founders of Moonstone Books. He has also been part of a number of studio development teams and comic associations.

We're not a traditional comic publisher that follows the format of getting a few pages together, offer the title to retailers via Diamond and then print when the orders come in.  Instead, we are printing the books first and making them available.  Many of the titles from Transfuzion are collections of independent comics and we have taken the strategy of doing low print runs, some print on demand, and some will be available as online comics.  There is no single method that will work with each title.

In regards to availability of the titles, we will, of course, make them available on this website and the majority of the creators involved with Transfuzion will have them on their websites as well as at conventions.  They will also be available at many online stores such as Amazon and eventual storefronts will be set up on eBay and other related services.  As for the "comics market", which consists of comic stores and Diamond, we will make titles available to stores directly and on some titles, they will be offered to Diamond.  Each title will be positioned based on its potential salability.

Transfuzion has not been limited to reprints only.  There have been and will continue to be new projects coming out as well.  We aren't going to make any grandiose statements about what we're doing. We think it's rather simple...just putting together some good books.

As for who Transfuzion is, well, it’s quite a few of us.  It isn't limited to the names you see in the early launches and is certainly open to more creators.  We feel Transfuzion is a work of evolution in progress and we look forward to seeing how "we" develop in the years to come.

For submission information, check under Contact.

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