SEEKER: Identity Crisis

Posted by Decapitated Dan on 1:18 PM

A collection of the entire Caliber series plus the tie-in of the Gestalt one shot.

Formerly a rogue agent under wraps, the FBI has taken the Seeker concept a step further by incorporating the SEEKER PROJECT.  Seeker is a persona filled by different agents, chosen to wear the mantle of Seeker but to the public, there has only been one Seeker.  LeAnn Haywood is the current Seeker and she relishes in the role but what happens when a former Seeker resurfaces and wants to resume the role?  There can only be one Seeker.

Written by Gary Reed,
Art by Chris Massarotto, Tim Smith, Adam Walters, Sam Varney, Bruce McCorkindale, and others. Cover by Chris Massarotto.

156 pages, black and white, $17.99    ISBN:  978-0-941613-34-7    PREVIEW PAGES

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