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An illustrated primer to the most infamous serial killer in history!

The shocking murder of five prostitutes in Victorian London ripped apart the society of the civilized world and led to incredible social changes.  In this narrative of sequential comic pages, facsimiles of letters and notes, and pictures from the time period, a survey of the social setting, the victims, the investigators, and the possible suspects are explored.

Story and text by Gary Reed
Art and cover by Mark Bloodworth

54 pages • black and white • $8.99   ISBN: 978-0-941613-08-8   PREVIEW PAGES

"Pictures, drawings and text filled with the history of Jack the Ripper. If you love the legend of this serial killer, it's all here in this handy book!! The Illustrated Jack the Ripper is nothing short of spellbinding - fierce and compelling. You will come away as a knowledgeable Ripperologist! "--- Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Online

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