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It’s Boston in the 1920s. Famed Harvard archaeologist Clifton Jennings, international adventurer and discoverer of ancient treasures, has some adventures no one knows about. He’s a member of a Secret Society, one that guards against supernatural threats and unscrupulous meddlers in the black arts. Jennings and his Secret Society hire seedy private eye Ace Mifflin to assist them and that’s when their troubles really begin.

Jazz Age, the comic was nominated for an Ignatz Award in the category "Outstanding Online Comic" in 2003 and named one of the best webcomics of 2004 by The Webcomics Examiner.  PREVIEW PAGES

Volume One
In The Case of the Beguiling Baroness, Jennings hires Ace Mifflin and his world will be changed forever.  In Vote Early & Often, the detective finds himself unwittingly in the spotlight when he publicly accuses the leading candidate for district attorney of a murder his friend is on trial for! Will he get his friend out of jail, or just put himself in?

Volume Two
In The Flowers of San Pedro, when a fellow Secret Society member and colleague goes missing in Arizona, Jennings and his unlikely partner, Ace Mifflin, private eye, head out to find what became of him. With a flapper and botanist joining them, they soon encounter hostility from the locals and secredts of the flowers.  A Stranger in Bryn Mawr, while Jennings and Ace Mifflin settle their differences in a heated baseball game, young genius Nora Carlisle uncovers a mystery of her own at college.

 “...a very good period private-eye story... an excellent mixture of the realistic and the fantastic... pick up a copy. Grade: A.” - Don Thompson, Comics Buyer’s Guide

 “Jazz Age Chronicles is an extremely well-crafted detective series.... Jazz Age Chronicles’ creator, Ted Slampyak, has filled his comic with references to the era. That’s the sort of touch that I appreciate..." - Cliff Biggers, Comic Shop News

“[Ted Slampyak’s] backgrounds give a strong feeling of credibility to the plot. I really feel like the characters are in a city that exists. The story comes alive because of it....” - Gene Colan, Hall-of-Fame artist, Daredevil, Tomb of Dracula, Nathaniel Dusk.

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