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A collection of short stories and selected scenes from the diverse and insightful writings of Gary Reed. Covering a wide array of genres, the stories are illustrated by some of today’s top artists,  Each selection has a preface where Reed discusses the work and the artist. This collection also includes pages from the never published project, THE BEATLES.

Written by Gary Reed.    Art by Jim Calafiore, Laurence Campbell, Guy Davis, Michael Gaydos, Michael Lark, Vince Lock, David Mack, Mike Perkins, R. G. Taylor, Patrick Zircher and others. 

320 pg, trade paperback, $24.99
ISBN: 978-0-941613-28-6


"Blistering Good!" - Rue Morgue Magazine

"If you're looking for something far different than the ordinary, something with a little more literary bite with stories much more intellectually stimulating , you must pick up Gary Reed's Of Scenes and Stories." - Newsarama: Best Shots

"..oh my god!" Check out the diverse stories in this book! You have everything in here! Drama, horror, paranormal, famous fictional characters, historical stories, murder stories, detective stories and everything else in the mix!  It will take some long hours to finish it all, but you will be entertained all the way through!" - www.jazmaonline.com

"Reed has a lot of excellent ideas, and it would be nice to see more creators tackle a wide variety of genres and themes instead of pigeon-holing themselves." - Comics Should be Good

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