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From the creator of Slave Labor’s The Cemeterians, this ALL NEW graphic novel tells the story of a recently deceased girl who is transported to the after-life. She quickly discovers that the after-life is nothing compared to what she expected and is briskly swept up in a twisted plot of intrigue, deception and danger between the Dead Realms.  This graphic novel grew from a short story for Rising Stars of Manga from TokyoPop.

Written and Illustrated by: Aleister Gilgrim               PREVIEW PAGES
160 PAGES • $18.99
ISBN: 978-0-941613-38-5 • Diamond Order # JAN10 1115

"Painfully cool stuff here."--Aaron Alexovich  Serenity Rose, Kimmie66, Fables 

"Gilgrim creates a vision of the afterlife that is guaranteed to be like nothing you've seen before. A world with powerful, clashing, forces and the poor souls forced to eek out a living in the midst of it all" -- Jake Myler    Undertown, Fat Chunk, Ourworld

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