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Based loosely on the play from August Strindberg.  A young man, born with a rare ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others, is plunged into a family of despair and secrets from years gone past.  He becomes an unwillingly participant and joins the legacy of torment in the poisonous lies and deceit that have invaded the house.  A saga of lost opportunities and vengeful hate.

Written  by Gary Reed, art by Andy Bennett              PREVIEW PAGES
112 pg, trade paperback, Black and white, $14.99   ISBN: 978-0-941613-04-0

  "There is superb human drama with unforgettable interactions between the characters in this story. The anti-hero of this story has the rare ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others. He learns some terrible secrets of a family home and becomes entangled in the lies and deceit of this family. This is a scary, but racy read, that skillfully combines old fashioned thrills, intrigue, murder, ambition and retribution!"---Jazma Online

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