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Chillers, one of the most critically acclaimed Troma Films, has ventured into an all-new anthology series of graphic novels.  Book One shipped in May, 2012 and Book Two shipped April 1, 2013. The graphic novel series, based on the film is edited by the film's writer and director, Daniel Boyd who also contributes some of the stories.

Troma Films supported the release of the graphic novel with a re-release of the film on DVD that recently shipped  and the Buddy Black Band  released a tribute album, Witchfinger, to coordinate with the graphic novel  with the album and videos.

Best of the Year nomination Ghastly Awards 

Best of the Year nomination Shel Dorf Awards

Best Anthology of 2012  by Decapitated Dan

"I love it when an anthology comes together so well because it is not an easy thing to accomplish. Having a large number of writers and artists on a book can lead to a lot of issues unless it is done right, and Chillers is done right. Based of the film of the same name, this collection is by Daniel Boyd, the man behind the Troma film. ... No matter how I look at it, I love this collection. I read a lot of anthology titles and Chillers is quickly rising to the top of the list with the best of them. ... Overall this was a great read from start to finish. I can not wait for a sequel."--- Decapitated Dan

“In the annals of horror there are a handful on names that rise above the genre as true craftsman of cinema. You have George Romero, John Carpenter, and trailing not too far behind, Daniel Boyd.”  - The Joblo Network

“Easily this is my favorite horror comic release of the year so far and will be very hard to dethrone - maybe even impossible." - Comics Forge  

Book Two:  Preview Pages  
Bill Richardson

978-0-9857493-6-1 • 146 pages (black and white) • $12.99

Book One:  Preview Pages
David Michael Beck 

Introduction: Morgan Spurlock
978-0-9836307-6-0 • 128 pages (black and white) • $12.99

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