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For all inquiries regarding Transfuzion


We will make the submission guidelines as simple as possible.  To be brief, it makes us sound negative but no one wants to waste anyone else's time so the guidelines are succinct and hopefully, extremely clear and defined.

We are primarily performing two functions... 1) publishing graphic novels and 2) publishing complete anthologies when offered.


For the graphic novels, we are looking for collections of previously published material or original graphic novel material.  In any case, the material must be presented as "ready to print".

We publish in only black and white although we are expanding into color with some titles and are in the process of evaluating that direction.

We do NOT want superhero titles.  There is more than enough of them out there and it just isn’t what we’re interested in.  We don’t want to limit any other genres but we like intelligently written stories and tend to dislike books that rely on endless fighting and action scenes.

We generally do not want manga although manga influenced can be sutiable.

We make a distinction between mature themes versus all out adult material.

In ALL cases, there is not a page rate.  All publishing is done purely on a royalty basis.

All books are owned by the creators.

Quick Summary:

We do NOT want traditional superhero material.
We do NOT want adult only material
We do NOT want traditional manga material
We do NOT do periodical comics
We do NOT pay page rates
We do NOT have ANY openings for writers

All information is to be sent to

Best way to send material is to put it into a PDF and give us a location to view it or emailed to us.

And remember, if we cannot use your material, there are many other places to seek out.  We're just one publisher putting out a limited amount of material. Just because we didn’t choose to pick up your title doesn’t mean anything except one person’s opinion.

Also, remember that we may find a title very appealing yet because of other reasons such as doing something similar, our schedule,  whatever.  There are a lot of factors involved.

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