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Raven Chronicles: The Curious Cases of Raven Inc.

A team of paranormal investigators under the auspices of the mysterious Edgar Allen Raven search for answers in strange situations when their specialties are needed.  From spontaneous human combustion to mind control powers, from UFO’s to vampires, Raven Inc. only think they’ve seen it all.  The volume collects for the first, time seven issues from the acclaimed series from Caliber.

Written by Gary Reed,
Art by Craig Brasfield, Gene Gonzales, Avido Khahaifa, Seppo Makinen, 
Galen Showman, Frank Turner, Wayne VanSant, and others.Cover by Ken Meyer Jr.

244 pages, black and white,    $21.99

PREVIEW PAGES                  Spotlight on Raven Chronicles at Talking Transfuzion


"I don’t think Caliber has published a weak issue to date…I think you’ll be sticking with The Raven Chronicles for the long haul." - Tony Isabella, Tony’s Tips, Comic Buyer’s Guide

"Top Ten!" - Comic Shop News    

 "I score it a 10" - Jacob Gilbert, Comic Scene

"Very impressed with Raven Chronicles….." - Craig T. Powell, Freelance Reviews

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