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The Inferno.  It is a city fueled by sin, driven by corruption and where lives are lived in desperate despair.  John Travis finds himself in the endless city of the damned and plunged into a power struggle for in reality, he is Jacamo Terence, the only person to escape Hell and live.  He just doesn’t remember it.

Originally published by Caliber Comics, Inferno is a dark descent into the corrupt Stygian city full of lost souls and demons.  Helped by the seer Nostradamus and a were-girl, Jacamo struggles not only against the decadence but his own mind as well.

Written by: Mike Carey                   Illustrated by: Michael Gaydos

144 pages • $14.99    ISBN: 978-0-9836307-7-7                  PREVIEW PAGES

"A work of genius on the dark fantasy genre." - Comics International  

"It's in these self-contained stories that we see just how talented Carey is. His imagination and appreciation of the human heart make for storytelling that is both entertaining and thought-provoking." -

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